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MTN/DESTINATION 46°08’27”N 6°83’63”E

Cirque du Fer à Cheval

A small piece of Yosemite in the French Alps

At one end of the Giffre valley in the French Alps lies a horseshoe of mountains. The natural amphitheatre of limestone cliffs allows for almost 360° views. The horseshoe is visible from above and you can even get a good view of it from the Chamonix valley at the top of the Brevent.

In spring the 12 main waterfalls swell with meltwater to provide a spectacular setting.

Some of the views are reminiscent of Yosemite and while not anywhere near the scale of its American cousin, the summer visitors can be as dense.

There is an easy out and back walk into the nature reserve and of course a restaurant and parking. Open most of the year except, snow conditions prevailing.

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Crowned by peaks approaching 3000m
Crowned by peaks approaching 3000m - Photo Frank Miramand
The end of the valley
The end of the valley - © Copyright SUPER ALPINE. All rights reserved.