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MTN/DESTINATION 46°35’40”N 7°20’54”E

Gstaad 3000

It's not in Gstaad and it's not at 3000m but there is a glacier

Enjoying the outdoors has a confusing name in Switzerland. It's Glacier 3000 or Gstaad 3000 AG, the company that operates several cable cars and ski lifts in the area of Les Diablerets. Not Gstaad at all. Even more confusing the lift climbs from just outside Les Diablerets to Col du Pillon and on to Scex Rouge. Thankfully there is a glacier at the top. Not at 3000m though. What's in a name though?

Arriving just outside of the resort of Les Diablerets the cable car to Col du Pillon (1546m) rises across the road and into the sky. From there it traverses to the top just below Scex Rouge at 2950m. A walkway allows you out to the summit. If you aren't afraid of heights it's a great view and one which goes a small way to explain the exorbitant cost of the ticket. Part of which bizarrely goes to line Bernie Ecclestone's already full pockets.

Many forms of entertainment await you at the top, restaurants, shops, a luge and another lift down to the actual glacier and away from the over development. Thanks Bernie.

The glacier is open in winter and summer and adventure beckons in the usual winter sports all year round. Most summer visitors seem to enjoy taking the lift down to the glacier, walking 2m onto it, nearly falling over, taking a selfie and heading back to the restaurant. It has to be said the great view and deckchairs do have a certain appeal.

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Going up
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Out to Scex Rouge
Out to Scex Rouge - Photo Florent Broissand
The lift down to the glacier
The Tissot Peak Walk - Photo Gstaad 3000 AG