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SA03: In Progress

Super Alpine magazine Issue Three

Swiss Passes


We are currently looking for help with car photography for this issue.
We need a car, ideally a Porsche for 3-4 weeks in September 2019.
If you can help please get in touch.


If you are a company who would like to work with us on this issue as a sponsor or partner also please get in touch.

COntact or phone 07465 891671‬

Alpine passes
The current list of mountain passes to be featured in the magazine are:

  • Col de Forclaz
  • Maloja Pass
  • Umbrail Pass
  • Nufenen Pass
  • Flüela Pass
  • Bernina Pass
  • Albula Pass
  • Julier Pass
  • Splügen Pass
  • St. Gotthard Pass
  • San Bernardino Pass
  • Susten Pass
  • Grimsel Pass
  • Furka Pass
  • Great St Bernard Pass
  • Simplon Pass
Super Alpine Swiss Passes