About Super Alpine


SUPER ALPINE was founded in 2015 in Chamonix, France by Andrew and Julia Revitt - our mission is to immerse you in the unique beauty and diversity of the region. With our digital platforms and printed magazines, you'll have access to a comprehensive source of information and inspiration.

The Alps are more than just a place for outdoor enthusiasts - they're a melting pot of diverse cultures, each with their own unique traditions and customs. At Super Alpine, we're passionate about showcasing these through authentic and engaging stories and photography, making us the go-to resource for anyone interested in the area.

Join us on our journey as we share our stories and experiences of the Alps, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of this stunning region and the people who call it home.

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Andrew Revitt
Designer and writer.

Julia Revitt
Principal photography
Julia is a Leica shooting ambassador for the social media platform VERO. Visit her website for more stories.

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