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Book 1965 Austria
Film 1983 n/a


Octopussy is a short story by Fleming that is set in Jamaica and Austria. Major Dexter-Smythe was in Austria after the war and stole gold bars from the Nazis. He also murdered Kitzb├╝hel mountain guide Hannes Oberhauser to get the bars. Bond visits Dexter-Smythe in Jamaica years later and he relates the story. At the end he says:


The film is unfortunately nothing like the short story. Roger Moore hunts for a megalomaniacal Soviet general who steals jewelry and well who cares really.

"Could I ask a question?"

"Of course."

"How did they find out?"

"It was a small glacier. Oberhauser's body came out at the bottom of it earlier this year. When the spring snows melted. Some climbers found it. All his papers and everything were intact. His family identified him. Then it was just a question of working back. The bullets clinched it."

"But how did you get mixed up in the whole thing?"

"MOB Force was a responsibility of my, er, Service. The papers found their way to us. I happened to see the file. I had some spare time on my hands. I asked to be given the job of chasing up the man who did it."


James Bond looked Major Smythe squarely in the eyes. "It just happened that Oberhauser was a friend of mine. He taught me to ski before the war, when I was in my teens. He was a wonderful man. He was something of a father to me at a time when I happened to need one."

"Oh, I see." Major Smythe looked away. "I'm sorry."