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The exquisite nightmare of aliens in rural Switzerland

Perched on a hilltop in the Swiss canton of Fribourg is the medieval village of Gruyères - a place that gives its name to the famous Gruyère cheese. Gruyères is encircled with bucolic pastures, some filled with those cheese-generating bovines, and has a pleasant order to it common to rural Switzerland.

H.R Giger Museum
Welcome to your nightmares

A short walk up through the fields and you enter the walled village. On the surface nothing much has changed since those medieval times. The shops and tourist attractions now fill the old buildings and cafes spill out onto the cobbled streets. Heading deeper into the village you arrive at the Château St. Germain and are confronted by a pair of nightmarish xenomorphs with spiked breasts.

In 1998 Swiss surrealist painter, sculptor and set designer Hans Ruedi Giger acquired the Saint-Germain Castle which now houses the H. R. Giger Museum. The museum is a permanent repository to many of Giger's key works, Giger's private art collection and the Museum Gallery where Giger curated the works of other artists work.

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