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Porsche Drive: 14 Porsches and 15 passes in 4 days

Review: Stefan Bogner and Jan Baedekers beautiful coffee table book

Porsche Drive Book
Porsche Drive book cover

Another beautiful coffee table book by Stefan Bogner and Jan Baedeker, this time in English & German, Porsche Drive features an amazing collection of cars and locations. Based on a 4 day trip through Switzerland and Austria, the book is mostly photographs in the style of Stefan's other work.

In addition to the photography this time we get pass profiles, which give you a history of the pass with maps, historical profiles, insight and some vintage artwork.

We also get a look at a collection of 14 Porsches and their owners. If the book hadn't been based on a 4 day trip this could have explored further and the cars featured on the passes. As it is though, the pass photographs do not feature the cars.

Porsche Drive Book
Porsche Drive book inside pages

It's really the only fault I can find with the book. It's a nice mix of cars and roads but not cars on the roads. If you haven't bought any of Stefan's other books then this is a good one to own as you get a mix of content and you can follow the books route yourself. The fact it's also in English is a plus over the other books.

If you own 'Escapes' then this makes an ideal companion as it features different passes and of course Porsches.

Porsche Drive Book
Porsche Drive book inside pages

The Cars

The Passes

Porsche Drive Book<
Porsche Drive book inside pages

Porsche Drive is available from Delius Klasing, Amazon and other book stores.