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A walk through Chamonix Mont-Blanc
Episode 1

A walk through Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Welcome to the Super Alpine podcast. It's recorded using binaural microphones, so if you listen with headphones on, the spatial sound of what was heard and what you are hearing, should be the same. Think of it as virtual reality for your ears.

We're in Chamonix Mont-Blanc surrounded by the highest mountains in western Europe and I'm going to take you on a walk through the town.

Starting at the old observatory in Parc Couttet, we walk towards the centre crossing the river and head towards the church. The church bells close out this episode.

I hope you enjoy it.

Episode 2

Trains and helicopters

The train from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc to Montenvers has been taking people to view the Mer de Glace for 112 years. Originally powered by steam, it was electrified in 1953. The excitement of the travellers is palpable.

More exciting even than a train journey is a helicopter rescue.

Les Bois is Super Alpine to the Chamonix two mountain rescue teams and their Eurocopter EC145s. Dragon The Securite Civile helicopter is already at work and as we arrive. Choucas of the PGHM is being made ready. The helicopter disappears up towards Mer de glace but soon returns, its rotor wash blasting me as it lands.

Let's start with Montenvers.

Episode 3


Water makes its presence felt everywhere in the Chamonix valley. From the snowy peaks to the receding glaciers to the torrents and streams. Let's follow a stream up the valley and a pause to listen to a cold geyser - a rare feature in the alps and end our walk is at the head of the valley where the stream becomes a torrent and eventually a waterfall.

This podcast is best appreciated with noise cancelling headphones.

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