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Bernina Pass


The pass was an important trade route during the Middle Ages and in 1410 several communities north and south of the pass agreed to work together to maintain it. In 1512 the Three Leagues, the forefathers of Graubünden, invaded Northern Italy across the Bernina - making the first mention of the pass in history. The building of the road began in 1842 and finished in 1865 with the Open of the hostel.

The Bernina pass is crossed by road and rail, with a popular tourist train, the Bernina Express operating year-round between Chur and Tirano. The train crosses the pass west of the road at the hostel - it's the highest adhesion railway in Europe. In autumn the pass closes briefly for the Bernina Gran Turismo. A hill climb for sports and racing cars built up to the early 1980s that starts from La Rösa, running up to the hostel in a 5.6km time trial.

Summit coordinates 46°24’41.1”N, 10°01’36.1”E
Summit Altitude 2330 metres
Distance 33 kilometres
Start Pontresina 1805 metres
End Poschiavo 1014 metres
Opens All year*
* All year donates the pass is cleared of snow but maybe closed on some days
Bernina pass