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Col des Mosses


The pass road is also the main road for bus and transport links. The summit of Mosses features a winter ski area linked with Leysin.

The journey starts in Aigle but the pass proper starts at the junction with Col du Pillon at Le Sepey. One of the less remarkable summits, the marker sign is barely noticable in a large parking area used for skiers in the winter. In the summer the area is mostly deserted. The descent takes you to Château-d'Œx (pronounced 'day') famous for its hot-air balloon week, held since January 1979. It is also the site for the launch of the Breitling Orbiter 3, the first hot air balloon to circumnavigate the earth.

Summit coordinates 46°23’58.7”N, 7°06’07.9”E
Summit Altitude 1445 metres
Distance 22 Kilometres
Start Le Sepey 950 metres
End Château-d'Œx 958 metres
Opens All year*
* All year donates the pass is cleared of snow but maybe closed on some days