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Furka Pass


The Furka pass is one of the world's most iconic roads that was immortalised in the 1964 film Goldfinger. Today the Swiss wouldn't take too kindly to Mr Bond and Ms Mastersons antics but Goldfinger would probably still get a pass.

The route of the Furka pass was originally covered by the Rhône glacier and its use for trade started with the Romans. In the 18th century, the pass was further developed as part of the Swiss National Redoubt, a defensive plan to prevent invasion whose fortifications can still be found off the pass road today. During the filming of Goldfinger the top of the pass was still gravel but today the whole of the pass is paved.

Furka Pass Belvédère hotel
Belvédère hotel on the Furka pass
46°34’21.0”N, 8°24’54.0”E
Profile of the Furka pass
Gletsch > Andermatt
Distance (km) 22
Altitude (m) 2429
Start Altitude (m) 1757
End Altitude (m) 1444

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