Swiss Passes

Mountain road passes in Switzerland

A list of paved mountain passes above 1400m where both ends of the pass are connected to the Swiss/Italian/French road network.

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Pass Elevation Canton
Umbrail 2501m Graubünden / Italy
Nufenen 2478m Valais / Ticino
Great St. Bernard 2469m Valais / Italy
Furka 2427m Valais
Flüela 2383m Graubünden
Bernina 2328m Graubünden
Albula 2315m Graubünden
Livigno 2315m Graubünden / Italy
Julier 2284m Graubünden
Susten 2224m Bern / Uri
Grimsel 2165m Valais
Ofen 2149m Graubünden
Splügen 2117m Graubünden / Italy
Gotthard 2106m Uri / Ticino
San Bernardino 2065m Graubünden / Ticino
Oberalp 2044m Uri / Graubünden
Simplon 2008m Valais / Italy
Klausen 1948m Uri / Glarus
Lukmanier 1914m Graubünden / Ticino
Maloja 1815m Graubünden / Italy
Col du Pillon 1546m Vaud
Col de la Forclaz 1527m Valais / France
Jaun 1509m Fribourg / Bern
Col de Champex 1490m Valais
Col du Marchairuz 1447m Vaud
Col des Mosses 1445m Vaud