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Simplon Pass

Valais - Swiss/Italian border

The Simplon pass stands high above the town of Brig, home of its patron Kasper Stockalper.

The Simplon pass was a route for smugglers and mercenaries back when today's Canton of Valais was still independent of Switzerland. It took the investment of a local entrepreneur and politician Kaspar Stockalper to elevate its worth and ultimately his own. Stockalper's pass was by today's standards no more than a mule track but still required his substantial wealth to build it. Today the original route - the Via Stockalper is still traversed by walkers smuggling only memories on the two-day hike from Brig to Gondo. The old route also features a secret underground fortress built around 100 years ago designed to stop any enemy advances through the narrow valley of Gondo and used through the World Wars - declassified in the 90s - tours of the facility are available.

Simplon Pass
Simplon pass
46°15’03.5”N, 8°01’58.5”E
Brig > Gondo
Distance (km) 45
Altitude (m) 2005
Start Altitude (m) 680
End Altitude (m) 855

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