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Susten Pass

Bern / Uri

The most modern Swiss pass, the Susten was built for the age of tourism and trade.

Although a mule track existed and was used for trade and travelling armies, today's Susten pass is unlike most other Swiss passes with most of its development coming after World War II. The pre-war plan was to develop a tourist itinerary for the carriages bringing people to the mountains - the arrival of World War II slowed development and the carriages become cars. Opened in 1946 the pass road runs parallel to the old mule track from Innertkirchen to Wassen and has many short tunnels where the mountains overrun the road. Susten is a road that's not needed. The Furka pass to the south is part of a cross Switzerland route and the Luzern lake road is to the north, making the Susten a road that joins Innertkirchen with Wassen, neither of which are particularly notable.

Susten Pass
Susten pass
46°43’47.8”N, 8°26’49.4”E
Distance (km) 40
Altitude (m) 2224
Start Altitude (m) 625
End Altitude (m) 930

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