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AlpenGold Hotel

Davos, Switzerland

AlpenGold Hotel Davos
AlpenGold Hotel Davos
AlpenGold Hotel Davos
AlpenGold Hotel Davos
AlpenGold Hotel Davos

The AlpenGold Hotel boasts a unique and bold styling inspired by the Alpine forests' pine cones. Upon arrival, we received a warm welcome while our car was valet parked in the underground garage (for a fee) and our luggage was brought to our room. The foyer is stunning with its high ceilings and impressive light installations, providing comfortable seating areas and displaying hire bikes during the summer.

Our room offered a great view of Davos through floor-to-ceiling windows that opened to a lovely balcony, beautifully framed with the pine cone design. The bathroom was spacious and well-appointed, featuring a bathtub and separate shower, along with a selection of toiletries and accessories.

The accommodation was comfortable, featuring a large and cosy bed, a table and chairs for in-room dining, and a curved sofa for relaxation.

As for breakfast, it was a functional affair with the typical Swiss German options available, along with a limited but satisfactory selection of healthy cereals and fresh fruits. Tea and coffee were served at the table, and there were also hot dishes to choose from. We decided to try the room service, and our order arrived within 30 minutes.

The location of the hotel is on the outskirts of Davos, situated on the road to the Fluela pass. There is a free bus available to Davos from the end of the road, or a paid shuttle service from the hotel can be arranged. However, it's worth noting that direct access to the lake from the hotel is not possible, despite having a view of it from the rooms.

Additionally, the hotel features a spa on the ground floor, but the indoor/outdoor pool is not large enough for swimming. Certain features of the hotel may not be available during the summer, including some restaurants. This is to be expected due to the reduced number of visitors during that season. During our stay in July, the hotel experienced a busier weekend but quieter weekdays, unless there was a coach party or business conference in attendance.

As anticipated, the hotel was on the expensive side, but the service provided by the pleasant and helpful staff was worth it.

Rating 4/5
Pricing From 250 Swiss Francs per night
Times Check-in time is 15:00 and check-out time is 12:00
Paid underground parking. Transfer to train station in Davos available.
Pros Five star service from the staff. Quiet in summer.
Cons A bus ride or 20 minute walk to Davos and lake. The pool is small. Not all restaurants open in summer.

We visited the AlpenGold Hotel in July 2023.